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“I have been using O’DONNELL PLUGS for several years now. The performance has supassed any glow plug I have ever used. Recently these plugs have helped me set two world reccords“

— Stu Barr
Crapshooter Boats
Indianapolis, IN


“I have used O’Donnell 99T and 97T cone-lock plugs exclusively in my engines for the last 7 years. I find the power and throttling of my engines to be the best with theset plugs, but very important for a racer like me, I like the consistency. Every Plug works and the seal never ever leaks or blows out“

— Dave Marles


“R&D and QC are paramount for any manufacturer and O’Donnell is on top of their game. The O’Donnell line of glow plugs are industry cangers, meticulously thought out and tested. The quality is well beyond any other in the hobby and it shows. The O’Donnell line of glow plugs are simply the best I have ever run and are ont of the reasons my boats perform the way they do“

— Buckshot Shackelford


&lbquo;I have tried all brands of glow plugs, none make the power and hold up to the stress of high nitro boat engines better than the O’Donnell plugs. The new V2 plugs are even better, and the new packaging is killer too. O’Donnell is the only plug I trust…&lbquo;

— Martin Truex Jr.


“After many years of racing I think I have tried just about every brand of glow plug ever manufactured and I still continue to look for better quality and price.
So when searching the web recently I came across the new O’Donnell V2 style of plug, I immediately thought, why not give them a try. Well much to my surprise they really lit my engines up and could hear the difference immediately. As more and more runs followed and a lot of fuel got consumed the plugs just kept coming back in perfect condition.” 
” I would like to congratulate you on producing plugs of magnificent quality and superior performance”

– Holborow Racing Team