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“My first time running the new ODonnell V2 288t glow plug in my Reds Racing M3T WC, I noticed that right off the bat my engine had an increase in bottom end power and it sounded healthier. I was able to get more power and an increase in run time out of my motor without it taking a toll on the plug. The plug also helped make tuning the motor easier, because it was more consistent. I ran the V2 299t in my Reds M7T and at one point my car even ran away full speed into a wall and the plug was still in perfect shape after the incident. I was able to use it for the rest of my race weekend without any issue. With excellent performance and durability I have chosen to make ODonnell my plug of choice for my racing season.”.

–Diatta Collymore, Bronx NY


“The new 299T glow plug works great! Tunes well, more power, and 30-45 seconds of extra run time.”

–Chris Verano, Team Mugen, Los Angeles California


“The new V2 glow plugs are awesome for the 1/8 scale on-road and sedan. I have have been using them since their introduction and have been very happy with their performance. Throttle response and fuel mileage instantly got better. My average has been about an extra 30 seconds of run time, some have gotten more. Can’t say enough good things about them.”

-Brian Thomas, California


“I used ODonnell plugs in my 1/10 MTX-5 Nitro TC When I replace my existing plug with the new O’Donnell V2 version, the engine produced much more power the car jumps off the starting line and more consistent during re-filling pit stops. With it’s excellent performance and durability, I have chosen to make O’Donnell V-2 my plug of choice for my racing season.”

-Wong Wai Kei, Team Mugen/Hong Kong


“I have been racing R/C cars since 1977. I just ran the 2013 ROAR 1/8 On-Road nationals in California. I tried the new ODonnell V-2 plug (299T) and the new Punch fuel the combination helped TQ and win the ROAR nationals. I have been using ODonnell products for years , By far the new V-2 plug is the best plug Steve has made and the new Punch fuel is the best fuel I have ever used. If you don’t try these new products you’re missing out.”

–Dana Smeltzer, 2013 1/8th On-Road ROAR National Champion